Red Sun Rising.

Red Sun Rising.

Red Sun Rising ►

There was a time i used to look into my father’s eyes.
In a happy home i was a king, i had a golden throne.
Those days are gone, Now the memory’s on the wall.I hear the songs from the places where i was born…


Yes… You could help me!

Yes... You could help me!


  • Cold Ash FitMESH  (TMP)  Mens MESH JONES Jacket – new at TMD
  • [ 2byte ] monster cap – new at TMD
  •  SEUL GARCON  Knee Rip Jeans – Classic – new at TMD
  • [ kunst ] – Stapled ring / M – new at TMD 
  • MINIMAL – Rock Necklace Silver – new at TMD 
  • [NikotiN] Classic Cigarette – Nextgen
  • [VALE KOER] The Formal ECCENTRIC T mp M
  • [tlc] monkey wrench